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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thursday! Jonsing for a WOD

Oh! Annie~

YES, thought about doing this one from home yesterday but was mentally wiped out after a full day and Eva...

Okay, here we go.

Double Unders
Sit ups

Time 7:45

Get it done. We had a great group this afternoon working together through whipping jump ropes and full range of motion sit ups. Consistency is key here.

Even after my new aerospeed jump rope (which I have hardly had time to play with) I felt unprepared.  But put on the spot to demo the double under I used some mental technique that I have been reading about in Mind Gym. Wow, did I really string those together. I usually fall in a comfort range of one dbl one single etc.

So when the WOD began it was a great flow! The tire pull was a new thing for me and the gentlemen got it done. Meredith even joined in and ran with the fire hose in 22 seconds! Way to go baby~

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