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Friday, May 13, 2011

Can't Resist~

Ahhh, just HAD to come down and work on MU's today.

5 MU / scaled jumping MU
10 Power Cleans 95#
200 Run


Yowza! Felt that one. The run felt like I had lead in my hips. Jumping MU's felt sloppy at the end and only 5 of them, tired, but glad I got it done. Cleans, well, I was feeling like cleans this week anyway. Mmmmm.

Didn't plan on this but....couldn't resist it either:


15 Dbl KB DL
20 KB Swing to Squat
10 Dbl KB Press
20 Jumping Pull up

Nice~ fun~ yes ;-) Time to celebrate 11 years with my hubby!

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