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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rest Day ;)

Joy is not the absence of suffering. 
It is the presence of God. ~Robert Schuller

Yep, it's here. The rest...So why am I so excited about my new training schedule?!

It feels good, I have a plan for those lifts that I want to not just randomly progress with, I can't wait to weave it into the box, it is Saturday and I don't have something I HAVE to do for the first time in months. Rest.

Feeling yesterday's squats in the legs and eating nachos with a 'Rita instead of getting in my run...
  • I want to just blow it out a bit with a quick metcon, not for time or weight. 
  • Enjoy a nice Mobility WOD and some time on the back deck listening to the breeze in the trees.

KB OHSwings 16kg
Jump squats
Cossack squats
Mtn Climbers
SDHP 16kg

Now that felt like a cool breeze~

Couldn't help myself...stopped at the volleyball pit and tossed the KB backward overhead for a few lengths. I forgot how much fun that is and worked on juggling skills in the sand.
Staring at the net for a while, just taking a moment to enjoy the moment, I am still mulling over the 'play new sports'. Like Annie S. said about the games and why she was never there before...she was scared to put herself out there, yet she kicked butt! What is there really to be afraid of? Maybe just not trying something new and missing out.

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