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Friday, September 2, 2011

Blow It Out

"Greatness resides in those who have the patience to master the patterns first, then add complexity later." ~Dan Johnson, TNation
Some days you just need a good WOD to blow it all out. Fast, simple and with great execution.
oh Annie, could it be a whole year since I have seen you?! or is my tracking a little off?
  • Double Unders
  • Sit ups

Not bad, according to  my records a PR. Not sure why the rope always seems to unscrew during these workouts. Day 4 of workouts, in need tomorrow's day OFF ;). Stick to the schedule.

Thought I would forgo the lift schedule because I am feeling pretty tired and sore after adding in the bike sessions this week and yesterday's run left me with a tinge of shin sprints (trail shoes and slippery socks I think), but after a couple of working hours my prowess overcame my discomfort and I went for it!

603 PTP:
  • Deadlift (wm sets3x3) 175x3, 155x5
  • Press (wm sets3x3) 55x3, 50x5
Cash-out: Light "Grace" 30 Clean & Jerks @65#  - 2:32

I am due a brick workout today, but will push that out for tomorrow's active recovery.

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