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Saturday, September 3, 2011


So,  you would think that my goats in the box would be my biggest frustration, but NO. My bike is currently the thorn in my rear. I feel like I am back in the honeymoon phase. Love it, but still kinda new.

Ride, in the heat (not a smart move) 5 hilly miles. It was actually good. I never stopped even though at one point I felt the ants were moving faster than I was ;), kinda. I was very happy with my movement overall. 20 solid minutes of work and adaptation.

CFE Bike
30 seconds on, 90 seconds off, repeat 10x
Found a nice even strip of road for this one and just hit the repeats. Ahhh, water.

KB Sept Challenge
4 minutes total of Bottom Up Clean & Press rotate R/L

All else, day off ;)

Primarily Paleo note: Felt a little calorie re-feed coming on with the new training.
  • Steak kabobs were fantastic on the grill.
  • Mixed green salad w/cucumber.
Now, how does tearing down drywall and dragging it out back count as a workout?!

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