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Thursday, January 5, 2012

HolyCryo Batman!

“I am a part of all whom I have met.”
~ Alfred Tennyson

Rest days are wonderful. I have come to really enjoy them. It is hard sometimes to break the CrossFit metcon junkie syndrome. What a rush! But they can be draining and elicit over-reaching/training syndrome. Over the years, I have had to repeatedly remind myself to enjoy the work and remember the rest ...

So today, I ventured down the hill and found myself lolling near the new US Cryotherapy Center. It had come to my attention a few months ago and I thought I was game for trying it, in the summer. Winter months it is hard enough for me to keep that wonderful warm feeling that I enjoy. However, with my 100,000 meters of rowing and a load of TGU's in December I was still feeling the need for recovery, I thought it would be worth a look-see.

I browsed the website. All points led me to keep seeing the 'no appointment needed'. Surely, with all of this high tech, an appointment would be warranted, but no, that was not the case AND it was only $25 for a session, plus they gave you 40% off coupon for your first visit. Hmmm, was that a good trade? Could it really be worth it? I was really feeling the effects of yesterday's rope climbs, so maybe it would a good time to investigate further.

The answer was a resounding YES!

When I walked into the center it was very professional. I was greeted very courteously and asked if it was possible for a tour. Immediately, Owner/Operations Manager, Todd Kramer, offered to take me around and walk me through the process. I was able to watch a customer go through his session of brrr and he came out just fine! After a few more questions, Todd inquired if I wanted to register for a session. I was apprehensive, I knew that I wanted to do it, but again, the cold is really not my thing but how would I actually prepare for something like that. Just jump in. I agreed and was taken through a very simple process. I found myself in a bit of a sweat. For us reluctant first timers, they do offer a technician to pop on in with you. That was actually a huge relief. Todd was kind enough to volunteer to enter with me and we were on to the next step.

It was time. Some special dressings are required here to avoid frostbite, however it is optimal to have the maximum surface area of the skin uncovered! My pants were actually a bit long in this case, so I hiked them up a bit. Headband in place, mask set, gloves on, barely a second before the first chamber door opened and we were in. Acclimate to 95 below, right. I just kept telling myself that it was just like getting out of the car in Tahoe, that first chill and all becomes right with the world. (Hey! It's Tahoe!) 30 seconds and we were ready to hit the super sub ~ 200 ~ I took a deep breath and braced  myself, walked in the huge door and it hit, a moment of reality, damn that is cold! Mark said that my eyes flew wide open once the cold hit me. He was fantastic, talked me through the whole way, telling me to keep moving arms, legs, I jumped around and had to focus on keeping my mouth shut, not a great time for talking, just breath through the nose, tick tock. The countdown helped, I could make it and I actually thought at one moment ... hey, not too bad! Back to the 1st room chamber and it wasn't quite tropical, but ahhh. A 10 minute warm up on the treadmill walking was welcome.

I felt amazing! Energized, fresh completely reset. Yes, I would do that again.

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