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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bells & Belles

... the act of flowing is essential to life! ~Abraham

Range of Motion
Prayer squat
200m Heavy Bag Partner Carry ;) - learning how to communicate, good stuff.

KB movement review

KB 16kg all movement
  1. 20 KB OHSwing
  2. 10 Deck squats
  3. 10 DBL Cleans (yowza, I love kicking it up to the 35's)
  4. 10 Air squats
  5. Figure 8 to Hold (still one of my very favorite KB moves!)
  6. 30 second Plank
  7. TGU R
  8. 30 second Side Plank R
  9. TGU L
  10. 30 Second Plank L
  11. 20 Plyo push up on KB (10R/10L)
  12. 10 Snatch R
  13. 10 Snatch L
  14. Run 400
Invigorating. I just LOVE working with the KB's! Fun fun morning with the girls. We only meet 2 Saturdays a month but it is really one of my favorite work sessions.

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